About Us

Welcome to YourHS.guide (Your Health & Safety Guide)

Hello! Let me tell a bit about YourHS.guide.

YourHS.guide is a collaboratoin between Your Business Guide Ltd and Your Health & Safety Space Ltd. It is designed to help SMEs put in place everything they need to be health and safety compliant and to give them guidance on all the most common areas of Health and Safety.

Importantly, YourHS.guide makes health and safety easier by explaining it in easy language and providing sample documents and templates to help you put in place all the health and safety you need. 

And it's really affordable. 

We hope you find YourHS.guide useful and easy to use. If you have any comments, or suggestions for additional content, we'd love to hear from you. 

If you need help with HR, we have an HR version and you can visit the site at https://yourhr.guide/.