Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of YourHS.guide by Users. They include any YourHS.guide, which includes any site provided to an Organisation as a Membership or Client benefit or similar. By using YourHS.guide (as a Guest, Regular Member or Premium Member), the User agrees to these terms and conditions.  If YourHS.guide is provided to an Organisation as a Member of Client benefit, the User agrees to these terms and conditions.

A User is any individual who accesses YourHS.guide as a Guest, Regular Member or Premium Member). 

The Service is operated by Your Business Guide Ltd, whose head office is the Launchpad (F5), Airport Business Park, Cherry Orchard Way, Rochford SS4 1YH. Company No: 13082449 (vat number 367722863).

The Content for YourHS.guide is provided by HR and employment law experts, Practical HR Ltd and other contributors.


YourHS.guide has been designed and written for SME organisations (small to medium-sized enterprises). It is intended to provide SMEs with the guidance and documents an SME would need to manage day-to-day HR matters and to put in place documentation to ensure compliance with HR regulations. Please see How to Use YourHS.guide for further information.  


YourHS.guide can be accessed through the main domain www.yourhs.guide or via a dedicated Member's site, which will have a dedicated domain / URL.

YourHS.guide main domain:

Access via the main domain has 3 levels of membership:

  1. Guest access - Free. This gives access to a small number of pages and templates free of charge without the need to provide any details (e.g. name and email address).
  2. Regular Member - Free access. This gives access to further pages and templates, free of charge, but the User is required to register and provide their name and email address. In exchange for providing this free information, YourHS.guide will advise the User with notification of any updates on the YourHS.guide, which may include marketing material. You can cancel Regular Membership at anytime by going to the Account area (top right-hand side of the home page). 
  3. Premium Member - Paid membership. This is an annual membership (paid monthly or annually). This gives access to all guidance documents and templates. Premium Members will be advised of any updates to the site via email and notifications.

YourHS.guide membership sites domain:

  1. Access is via the Organisations dedicated domain/URL.
  2. Access will depend on the agreement in place and may include or exclude Guest access.  The site will provide Regular Membership giving access to some documents but will generally require a paid membership/subscription for Premium Membership.

Site Content

The site content is at the absolute discretion of YourHS.guide and may be changed and updated from time to time. Documents may be withdrawn or revised without notice. Access to documents for Guests and Regular Members may be changed and removed.

All site content is the copyright and intellectual property of Your Business Guide Ltd T/A YourHS.guide (unless otherwise specified).

Use of the YourHS.guide

Users may use YourHS.guide and the resources provided by accessing material (within the access levels provided) via the internet, downloading copies of material, printing material and/or storing material electronically (or as print-outs).

Uses may use the material for their own in-house use i.e. us the documents to implement HR processes and procedures, documentation, and policies (e.g. contracts of employment, policies, HR administration process) within the SME in which they work.

Users may not re-sell or use any content or documents / templates for any third party or sell on any documents, without the express agreement of YourHS.guide and any such use will be subject to a separate license agreement.

Users may not provide their password and log-in details to anyone else for the purposes of them accessing content and/or documents. We reserve the right to suspend or remove access if we suspect, on reasonable grounds, that a User have provided their log-in to a third party (without compensation).

Use of the YourHS.guide – if you want to use content for a 3rd party

If a User is providing services to SMEs and/or wishes to use the content of YourHS.guide for a client or third party organisation, the client or third party organisation must have their own Premium Membership to YourHS.guide to ensure that they are an ‘Authorised User’.

Removing Access

A User's access to YourHS.guide may be suspended or removed if the User is in breach of the terms of use as set out. Further, we reserve the right to suspend or remove a User's access if we suspect on reasonable grounds that a User is using the resources on YourHS.guide for a 3rd Party who does not have their own log-in and are not therefore an Authorised User. YourHS.guide may also seek redress through the courts for damages associated with the unauthorised use of content. Any such claim would set damages at the costs associated with drafting documents and guidance on YourHS.guide if drafted by HR consultants and legal experts.  

Duration of Contract and Pricing

YourHS.guide subscription is for an initial period of 12 months (paid monthly or annually). Membership will automatically renew at the end of the 12 months and thereafter will be a rolling contract.  

Where subscription is paid monthly, in the event of non-payment, the service will be suspended. This does not however alleviate the obligation to make payments for the full subscription period agreed. Access to the site will be reactivated once payment has been made.  YourHS.guide may take legal action to recover membership and /or consider a claim for breach of contract. Any such claim would set damages at the costs associated with drafting documents and guidance on YourHS.guide if drafted by HR consultants and legal experts.  

Content and Disclaimer

Content on YourHS.guide may be added or removed at our complete discretion and without notice. All content and documents are provided for guidance and reference purposes only. They are not intended to be authoritative statements of law and are provided for guidance only. Every situation and circumstance is different and therefore may require advice from legal experts. Every effort is made to keep the content up to date, but YourHS.guide take no responsibility and can accept no liability.  Use of content is at the user's own risk.

Limitation and Exclusion of Liability

Whilst we will endeavour to ensure the accuracy of all content neither we, our employees nor our agents, nor any 3rd party Organisation providing YourHS.guide as a benefit, make any representation nor give any warranty, either express or implied as to the accuracy or fitness for any purpose of any content used in connection with the Service.

All necessary steps will be taken to maintain the continuity of YourHS.guide. However, we accept no liability for suspension, interruption, temporary unavailability or fault occurring to YourHS.guide, howsoever caused. We will use all reasonable efforts to reinstate YourHS.guide in the event of interruptions.

 Applicable Law

These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions together with any other documentation (e.g. extending the license agreement) shall form the entire arrangement between the User and YourHS.guide and supersede all prior terms and conditions, arrangements or understandings about its subject matter.


We may vary or amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Any changes will be posted on this page.