3. Safe Equipment

Employers must: ensure all work equipment is purchased form a reputable supplier set up schedules for inspections, testing and servicing keep records of all inspections, testing and servicing ensure all portable electrical equipment (any electrical item with a plug that is inserted into a socket to access the electricity supply) is regularly tested. act on reports from employees concerning faulty or damaged equipment. Provided below are documents to assist you with ensuring the safety of work equipment in an office environment. You can report a health and safety concern or faulty equipment using the Health and Safety Concern Form. Employer’s Actions Your duties should be undertaken as follows: ensuring all work equipment is purchased from a reputable supplier setting up schedules for inspections, testing...

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You must make sure all equipment that employees use during the course of their work will not harm them in any way. In practice, this means knowing where such equipment is purchased, what the inspection, servicing and maintenance requirements are for each item, having a procedure for dealing with damage and breakages, and ensuring correct disposal of all items when they reach the end of their working life.

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