7. Racking

The term ‘racking’ is used to describe a skeletal framework, of fixed or adjustable design, to support loads, generally without the use of shelves. It is usually qualified with a helpful description (e.g. pallet racking, tyre racking, drum racking, etc).

Racking systems are widely used in warehouses as there are considerable space advantages over floor storage, and they provide for easy access and retrieval of goods. All racking systems should be: of good mechanical construction, of sound material, of adequate strength, and installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The maximum safe working load (SWL) and design configuration

should be clearly displayed on the racking.

The notice should look something like this, and you should add the correct maximum load weights and configuration.


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Racking is used in many workplaces but it must be maintained properly.

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