2. How to Write a Risk Assessment

This is the bit that people worry about.

But, if you have a good template to use, you shouldn’t find it difficult now you understand the difference between a hazard and a risk.

The law requires that you first consider whether the hazard can be eliminated.

If you can’t, then you must risk assess! We will be using the YourHS.space [template id="11"]risk assessment template[/template] in this guide, because it’s straightforward and not over-complicated, and we know it works.

We also have a completed example ([template id="10"]How to complete a Risk Assessment – Guidance[/template]) which you might like to refer to at this point.

Complete your risk assessment as follows. Hazard Number Entirely up to you!

You can use sequential numbers, letters – whatever you


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The heart of risk assessing - actually doing it! This page explains how to do just that.

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